App Review: Home Design

Is it too late for me to change my career? I mean, people who know me are aware that art is an instinctive core value I am passionate about but recently I think I just fell deeply in love with Interior Design. First I have this friend of a friend that I follow on instagram and posts tons of interior styling inspirations (Shout out to Mark Malolos, who currently works as an Interior Stylist at NYC!) and heck yes, every time he posts anything related to design the inner artist inside me smiles gleefully and gets inspired!

On the last few months of last year, I downloaded this app out of nowhere, I was probably mindlessly browsing appstore and found: Home Design. I played a few times and I loved it but the very forgetful woman that I am eventually forgot that I have this wonderful gem waiting to be explored again. Luckily a few weeks just recently, I got bored and gave this game another try, and yes I am so hooked.

Here’s the rundown + screenshots of the game:

The loading up page shows real (superb 3D visualization if not) interior design photographs that are strikingly wallpaper-worthy. There are little white icons at the bottom of your dashboard where you can select the categories: Top Designs (trophy icon), Home (where you can find the challenges, and enter your designs) Vote (thumbs up icon) where you get to vote other people’s designs and earn keys – the main currency to enter challenges, Shop (cart icon) where you can browse the latest items and buy them, and lastly Profile where your design history and notifications stuff are.

Looking at my profile above you can see all my recent design challenge entries and my scores, for the 1-5 rating system. You will start off with the default 2-star rating and should climb your way up to the top. As you can see I’m currently at level 9 and a 4.25 star rating, the thing is, it’s not that easy to level-up because there’s a ton of waiting time like any other games or else you need to spend actual money to buy diamonds and cash if you are impatient and wants to play profusely. In my case, I have only spent $2 once, and I am restraining myself from doing so again. As you can see, there are some entries above that says “Results in 1 day” or “Results in 10hrs”. This is because your score depends on a versus voting system. Below are screenshots of how votings are done. It is a requirement to vote, and do your part in this community (unless you’re filthy rich and just buys keys instead of casting your votes) it can get pretty boring over time but voting gives you more perspective and design ideas for future challenges. As I’ve mentioned above to enter a design challenge, you need around 25 keys to vote and you have a capacity to gain 75 keys, each voting session takes around 2-minutes per challenge will earn you 3 keys and daily reward scheme gives you around 20 keys every day.


  • There’s always an amazing story behind every challenge, and it helps you picture out the best-suited design you’ll create according to each challenge
  • Each challenge is always different, you’ll hardly ever get bored playing this.
  • The voting system is a genius idea, your scores are decided upon by the actual players of this game.
  • The new “borrow” feature rocks! Now if you run out of furnitures to use or money to buy them,  you can borrow I think twice, every 24 hours from your friends who are playing as well. This makes you encourage your friends to play too so you have a wide pool of friends to borrow items from.
  • You can browse items by brand/color/material/pattern/style


  • Like in real life, great items are unsurprisingly expensive
  • Each day, there is a 1 or 2 challenge that you can enter without any requirements but after that, the rest of the challenges have requirements that are most of the times to hard to provide like you should only use contemporary items or use 3 gold items, etc.
  • Sadly, you cannot sort by price – this is infuriating because when I have really low funds it takes too long to find an item that will fit my budget.

Overall, you can tell that I absolutely am nuts for this game and I recommend this to anyone who’s into art/design and even if you’re not. It is a very relaxing (mostly if you’re not out of funds) game and a great way to spend your idle hours.

Here are a few of my designs. Have fun playing the game!!!  And don’t forget to give them a rating/review to appreciate the creators’ amazing effort. #NotAnAd


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